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Brand Levitra
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Brand Levitra
Levitra is a fast-working treatment for erectile dysfunction. The drug improves blood flow, promotes an erection, and helps both young and older men. It revives the sex life already after the first pill (Vardenafil 20 mg) administration.

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Brand Levitra 20 mg
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Drug name:
Brand Levitra (Vardenafil as Vardenafil Hydrochloride). Manufacturer: Bayer.
Usage indications:
Levitra is a brand you can trust. The drug is effective for most men who suffer from psychological or erectile dysfunction.
We want to assure all men that even long-term and frequent use of Levitra does not affect the drug effectiveness. Many men use it for years and are fully satisfied with their success in intimate life.
Advantages of Levitra:
Sexologists claim that most of the causes of the onset and progression of ED are associated with blood vessels disorders and an unhealthy lifestyle. Diabetes, overweight, alcohol abuse, smoking, heart problems - all these lead to blood vessels obstruction, and, consequently, to erectile dysfunction.
The good news is that Levitra helps cope with sexual problems. The drug is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, regardless of the reasons for its occurrence.
In most cases, one Levitra tablet is all that is required to:
•    Achieve harder and long-lasting erections;
•    Full participation in sexual intercourse.
Erectile dysfunction is an unpleasant and annoying condition. Brand Levitra can be the first and final step in finding a solution that is right for you.
Administration mode:
Levitra (Vardenafil) is supplied in pill form. To make sure that you get the maximum benefit from the treatment, follow these simple guidelines:
•    Take one pill half an hour before sex;
•    Swallow tablets whole with a glass of water;
•    Take Levitra on an empty stomach, so that the drug works the best;
•    Never take more than one pill within 24 hours;
•    Do not take Levitra with more than one or two units of alcohol.
Levitra  20 mg tablets are the most popular and very effective dose. It is perfect for those, who use Levitra for the first time, who have severe erectile dysfunction, and those, for whom other ED medications have proven ineffective.
Drug class and mechanism of action:
Brand Levitra (Vardenafil) is one of a class of drugs called PDE 5 inhibitors. This class of drugs is renowned for its reliability and safety. PDE5 inhibitors are used not only to treat men. Some of them are indicated for women and children (older than 1 year of age).
Immediately after the administration of one pill, Vardenafil begins to be absorbed into the body. This active substance has a fast onset of action. The maximum observed plasma concentrations are reached within 45-75 minutes.
The active component Vardenafil is a vasodilator. It works by altering the blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis during sexual arousal. Changes in blood flow contribute to the appearance of a harder erection. The drug has no significant effect over other parts of the body.
Missed dose:
Levitra is used as needed, and not on a regular basis. The package insert for this medication does not have the “missed dose” section.
If you swallowed Levitra pill 10-20 minutes before sexual activity, the penis may become hard, but not every man.
Levitra and any other drug should be stored in its original packaging, away from sources of light, heat and moisture. If you take the pills out of the package and don't use them, they may not work as well, as they should.
Recommended storage temperature: 15-30°C (59-86°F). Do not freeze.

We are reliable and experienced providers of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Everyone who buys Levitra or other ED tablets from us is very pleased with the convenient service, the wide range of medications and the best prices.
We will help you overcome erection problems, no matter which country in the world you live in. Thanks to fast and reliable delivery services, you will receive Levitra within the shortest possible time. After paying for your order, you can track your order in real-time mode (delivery tracking).

Brand Levitra promotes an erection by blocking the PDE5 enzyme, enhancing the action of nitric oxide (NO) and expanding blood vessels. It is known that Levitra enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrate-containing medications, so it is contraindicated in men, who use nitrates.
The list of other types of medications, which can potentially interact with this ED drug, includes, yet is not limited to:
•    ED drugs;
•    Antihypertensive drugs;
•    Antifungal medications;
•    Antibacterial agents;
•    Drugs to treat AIDS or HIV;
•    Drugs to treat prostate problems.
Levitra does improve sexual function in most men. However, you should be especially cautious with the drug use in the following situations:
•    Your heart is not working properly;
•    You have any problems with the vessels;
•    You suffer from poor kidney or liver function;
•    You abuse drugs;
•    You are allergic to the ingredients of the drug;
•    PDE5 inhibitors cause side effects;
•    You do not plan to have sex;
•    Recent heart attack or stroke;
•    You have a penis curvature.

Possible side effects:
Unfortunately, Levitra has been reported to cause some side effects. Examples of such possible side effects are vertigo, headache, stuffed nose, upset stomach, feeling of intense heat, muscle weakness, excessively strong, rapid and/or irregular heartbeats.
Other information:
Do not use Levitra with large doses of alcohol. This may reduce its effectiveness and cause side effects. In addition, prolonged alcohol abuse can damage the arteries that deliver blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis.

I appreciate your individual approach to the client and quick servicing. All I can wish you is to go forward not to stop at existing successes and stay as cool as you are now.
- Dennis Euler.

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Generic is a drug that has proven pharmaceutical, biological, and therapeutic equivalence to the brand name drug. In other words, generic has an absolutely identical content, dosage form and has the same qualities of effectiveness and safety as its branded analog.

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